Curator Ludlow E. Bailey and CADA (Contemporary African Diaspora Art) are pleased to announce two major art events for December 2020.

The 11th Annual CADA Panel Discussion on Contemporary African Diaspora Art.

The Panel Discussion will be streamed live on Sunday, December 6, 2020, 2 pm – 4 pm via Facebook, and YouTube. The Panelists will include Marie Vickles, Director of Educaon, Perez Art Miami Museum, Valerie Cassel Oliver, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at The Virginia Museum of Fine Art, African American arsts, Willie Cole and Stan Squirewell , Art Advisor, Roger Tucker and Nigerian arst and gallerist, Oliver Enwonwu.

The focus will be on 1. Contemporary African Diaspora Art in the age of COVID-19 and Black Lives Maer. 2. The role of Afrocentricity in the producon of Black art globally and 3. The influence of museums in the changing demand and evaluaon of Contemporary African Diaspora Art.


Preview 12/1/20
Exhibion opens 12/13/20
Curator Ludlow E. Bailey, of CADA Internaonal, will host AfroSoul, an online Contemporary African Diaspora Art exhibion, December 1 2020 through February 28, 2021. The Exhibion is Mr. Bailey’s commitment to celebrate African Diaspora Art and Culture. Ludlow E. Bailey created the show as a message of hope to inspire and encourage people of color globally to focus on joy, resilience, renaissance, and black empowerment during these challenging mes of COVID-19, Black Lives Maer, and polical chaos.

The exhibion will include arsts, Willie Cole(US), Basil Watson(Jamaica), Manuel Mendive(Cuba), Armando Marino(Cuba), Rene Pena(Cuba), Ya La’ford(Jamaica), Stan Squirewell(US), Joyce Sco(US), Oliver Enwonwu(Nigeria), Mikael Owunna(Nigeria), Zeek Mathias(Hai), Jelili Aku(Nigeria), Jallim Eudovic(St. Lucia), Roberto Diago(Cuba), Kandy Lopez(Dominican Republic), Renee Cox(Jamaica), Mark Fleuridor(Hai), Eli Kince(US), Johnnie Bess(US), Whiield Lovell(US) and Saudia Jones(USVI), Hank Willis(US).