Exploring the African Mask: A Reflection of Spirituality and Cultural Depth By Cyrus Blot, CADA Art Consultant & Advisor

African masks are not merely artistic expressions but are deeply imbued with cultural significance and spiritual depth. The exhibition "Symbols of Spirit" provides a profound glimpse into the rich tapestry of African spiritual and communal life, showcasing masks from various cultures such as the Chokwe, Kuba, and Yoruba. These artifacts serve as more than decorative

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The Interplay of Art, Spirituality, and Philosophy in the Cultures of the Igbo, Mama, Yoruba, and Ogoni Peoples of Nigeria. By Ludlow E. Bailey

Nigeria, with its rich mosaic of cultures, offers a vibrant spectrum of indigenous philosophies and spiritual practices, intricately woven into the fabric of its various ethnic communities. This essay delves into the spiritual and philosophical cultures of four prominent Nigerian groups: the Igbo, Mama, Yoruba, and Ogoni peoples. By examining their artistic expressions and cultural

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Symbols of Spirit By Ludlow Bailey

Symbols of Spirit – February 2024 CADA Curator: Ludlow Bailey The Arthur B. Steiman and The Paul and Mary Rosen collections of Central and West African masks serve as a rich tapestry, unraveling the intricate layers of spiritual symbolism embedded in these powerful artifacts. These masks, often regarded as expressions of deities and spiritual

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The Art of Black Basel By Julie Walker

Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 dominated the city in the first week of December, accompanied by various other art fairs, events, panels, parties, and people. This year’s fair was the 20th and it has grown bigger (with 79,000 attendees, according to organizers) and more diverse over the years. When ABMB began,

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The 14th Annual CADA Art Basel Panel Discussion

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ludlow E. Bailey |Managing Director | CADA | +1 (786) 290-7359 | ludlowebailey@gmail.com The 14th edition will be held at the Art Deco Museum on Miami Beach on Sunday, December 10, 2023, from 12:00pm-4:00pm. This year’s panel will include Dr. Cheryl Finley, Spelman College, Nigerian Artists Ibe Ananaba and Ómò Oba (HRH) Adètòmíwà

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Capturing Black Euphoria : Through the Lens of Indrias Getachew Kassaye By Aklil Molosi

In the realm of photography, Indrias Getachew Kassaye stands as a luminary in a masterful weaving of art and social impact in his work. His lens gracefully encapsulates beauty in the ordinary, magnifying the resilience of communities in a creative challenge of preconceived notions about Africa. Kassaye’s work is driven by the desire to transform

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Portraiture and Black Culture

by Sebastian Grant Throughout the many genres of artistic practice, portraiture has continued to thrive as an important method used to capture individuals and the stories behind their painted images. Beyond mimicking the basic resemblance of physical features, the portrait also has the task of reflecting the deeper qualities of humanity and identity, especially

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Credit: Amidst The Noise (4) © Ibe Ananaba 2020 Black fashion and art taste like Jollof rice and plantain; they are intrinsically linked. In Aba, the bustling commercial hub of Abia State, Nigeria, where I grew up, the two merge seamlessly into a vibrant display of creativity. Often referred to as the "Japan of Africa",

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