Roots of the Spirit is a multimedia art exhibition curated by Ludlow E. Bailey, focused on African spirituality as it relates to the global African Diasporic cultural production in music, art, film, theology, theater, fashion and dance.

Mr. Bailey designed the show for ArtServe in order to celebrate and to visualize some of the rudimentary elements of the metaphysical and spiritual infrastructure of contemporary global African aesthetics and visual cultural expressions.

The show includes an African American puppetry collection from the Miramar Trust and an important contemporary art section on Haitian spiritual culture from The Jean-Daniel Lafontant Collection.

With a fluid combination of gendered, transcultural and global themes, the Roots of the Spirit exhibition investigates the rich and varied Africa-centered cosmological and cultural leitmotifs highlighted in the works of a brilliant array of artistic talents representing some of the most creative and cutting edge contemporary African Diaspora masterpieces currently available on the art market.

This exhibition in many ways represents an insightful overview of some of the transatlantic dialogue describing the changing African Diaspora art landscape, while also documenting the significant and empowering philosophical and cultural ideas emerging from Africa and its diasporic expressions.