Photo credit by Jamal Ward

When and where

About this event

The Annual CADA (Art Basel) Panel Discussion on Contemporary African Diaspora Art is held in Miami, Florida.

The event was created by Ludlow E Bailey, Global Curator, and Managing Director of CADA, (Contemporary African Diaspora Art & Culture), in 2009 at the University of Miami during the Art Basel festivities in South Florida.

The panel discussion was designed to highlight, and celebrate the extraordinary visual arts achievements of the people of African descent globally. It brings together a panel of art innovators, global curators, renown artists and other leading contributors to contemporary global African Diaspora art.

It has become the “go to event” for Global Contemporary African Art discourse during the Art Basel, (Miami Art Week), in South Florida.

The panel discussion has consistently brought together the leading voices in the Global African Diaspora visual arts community and has attracted the attention and interest of local and international collectors, museum professionals, curators, writers, art historians, and art brokers who are in Miami for the Art Basel event.

The 13th edition will be held at the Art Deco Museum on Miami Beach on Sunday, December 4, 2022 from 12:00pm-3:00pm to an unprecedented number of collectors and investors that are interested in the “state of art” from the African Diaspora globally.

This year’s panelists will include award winning Journalist, Julie WalkerArtist and NSU Art Professor, Kandy LopezValerie Cooper, Art Advisor and Appraiser, Ethiopian artist, Jomo Tariku and Jarvis Dubois, Smithsonian Museum.

This year’s panel will focus on:

  1. The Aesthetics of Cool
  2. The Black Art Market
  3. The Global African Diaspora Renaissance movement
  4. Contemporary Afro-Caribbean Art and Culture